geoLarity stays alive at Unity E-Games Major Cluster A after defeating RASTAMAN 2–0, sending them home with no map to their name. The team converted the opening map on Haven 13–2. The second map on Breeze saw geoLarity defeat the underdogs after locking down the Defender side to end 13–2.


The singing of their new coach Alpha “alphaleighezra” Cruz is really paying off after no maps have been droped since their last tournament run at the E-Games Pickups.

EJ “yuriii⁠” Balmes has announced that he will not attend the UNITY E-Games Major Cluster A Semi-finals match with geoLarity after his Covid Vaccine. James “phewphew” Rait joins as a stand-in.

phewphew made his first appearance for the team on Saturday in UNITY E-Games Major Cluster A. geoLarity has confirmed the signing of phewphew from MSK on a loan deal.

phewphew was seen playing scrims with geoLarity for their match the next day at the semis.

JM “⁠CORE NI JOU⁠” Ramos has announced his retirement from Mobile Legends, drawing a close on his career which started in 2017.

“Almost 4 years I spent my time with ML. Because of it, I gained countless experiences, and also I met strangers that turned into friendships. In spite of…

Just a few days after Alpha “alphaleighezra” Cruz announced he’ll be stepping down as an E-Games Valorant moderator, he’ll be returning to GeoLarity as their new coach.

Yesterday GeoLarity signs their CS:GO rifler and former Valorant moderator alphaleighezra as their new coach for the ongoing Unity E-Games. With the addition of alphaleighezra, who left E-Games a couple of months ago, they now seem to have taken the first steps to accomplishing that redemption.

In an interview with Renz, alphaleighezra talked about the move and his responsibilities within GeoLarity. “Geo have entrusted me with their Valorant team and, honestly, I think that’s one of the boldest moves any org has made in a long time. I’m aware there is a certain level of expectation going forward now. Failure simply isn’t an option.”


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